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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Death of Friends

Probably the worst news for any of us is hearing about the passing of good friends. The second worst is hearing about their passing after they were buried! Yesterday was one of those occasions; I read about a young man named Rip Masters, USMC. We served together in another life and we were too young to appreciate this back then!!! We met, again, at an annual reunion organized by some more of our friends! Rip married a very pretty young lady by the name of Barbara who, like my wife, endured the old "war" stories told by all Marines. The hardest part of this experience is not knowing what to say when over the past decades you couldn't shut up!!! So, let me simply say "SEMPER FI" my brother; see you again when I report in for duty; it won't be a long wait for either of us.

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